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I was born and raised in the Midwest among six siblings who used to have fist fights over Fruity Pebbles (I’m not kidding).

In eighth grade I went on my first “diet.” I lost 13 pounds and family and friends complimented me. I was hooked on the attention and began to view my body through the singular lens of weight. I was never happy with my body because I wasn’t 110lbs, and I never would be because it wasn’t a healthy or realistic goal. 

At the age of 23, I moved away from home. I didn’t know how to cook so I lived on pasta, processed and fast food, pizza and Kit Kats, eventually becoming a sugar addict. I was on a blood sugar roller coaster for years, enduring highs and lows that effected my energy, behavior, mood, hormones, and health. 

My mother, much like younger me, consumed a large amount of sugar and processed foods. She was diagnosed with vascular dementia along with Alzheimer’s disease in her early 60s. My mother’s high sugar diet contributed to her diagnosis and steady decline which continued for years until she became nonverbal, immobile and required full-time care.  

My interest in nutrition emerged when I realized I would be an older mom and wanted to be as healthy as possible for my own family.

Helping myself grew into a passion for helping others.

After discovering my husband had a wheat allergy, we briefly grieved the loss of gluten, and with my newfound knowledge completely altered our grocery shopping and meal planning.

We started enjoying food, and how we felt, more than ever.

When perimenopause hit me early, and severely, I found some relief through nutritional protocols.

My two teenaged children, who have grown up eating whole foods, understand how essential real food is to their health, physical and mental development, mood, ability to focus in school, and athletic performance. 

Finding your way back to health through nutrition and lifestyle is simple, BUT it’s not easy and can feel overwhelming.

Combining my NTP certification and my teaching experience, along with many nutritional lessons learned in my own life, I am here and ready to help you navigate your way to better health!

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‘Shared Roots’ ~ What’s in a Name?

My husband, Mark, and I were married in Central Oregon at the foot of the Cascade Mountain range surrounded by Quaking Aspen trees. Our Best Man/Officiant told a story about how he and his wife loved Aspen trees and went into the forest (with a permit) to dig up a few to plant in their backyard. His eloquent words have stuck with me since my wedding day and inspired the name for this business and what it represents:

“Something we did not realize is that these beautiful and sturdy trunks are actually all connected below the surface by their roots. It is impossible to dig up just one Aspen tree without digging up the roots of another. Take these two trees behind us, though they appear to be separate, their roots have grown together. By sharing root systems, they share water and nutrients, and gain strength against the wind. They share their resources and nurture one another to make them both even stronger. Kerry and Mark’s root system is expanding and they will continue to benefit from the sharing of resources between friends, family and beyond.”

Make Shared Roots Nutrition part of your Aspen Grove.

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